Welcome to ASEAN Women's Network

Through this network, women leaders from different regions were able to exchange and share ideas, strategies and news about their respective organization. The representatives pledge to promote the economic and social empowerment of women through greater participation in decision /policy making in the union and society.


Respect begets respect. For a person to receive due recognition and respect, he or she has to give it first. This is an unwritten rule that everyone in a decent, modernized world is following without being told. While it is true that rules and laws shall be written in realizing order in the society, respect takes deeper and wider perspective for the observance. Needless to say, absence of it shall render a society ineffective and meaningless. To put it as a gender-based issue, no functional society will survive without respecting the rights and the dignity of every WOMAN.

Women Leading in Education


    AWN Concerns and Campaigns

  • Stop Bullying Campaign.
  • Migration of Teachers
  • Child Labor
  • Gender Equality
  • LGBTI and Minority Issues

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